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"The Catholic Charities partnership may even result in more LGBT families adopting children than before. "We're about the gayest adoption agency in the country," (Family Builders Executive Director) Jacobs told the B.A.R., noting that it was important for her organization to make sure Catholic Charities "really knew who we were, and that in our own adoption program more than half the families we serve are LGBT families." –Bay Area Reporter, August 10, 2006.

Just who are "Family Builders by Adoption"? and how did CCCYO hook up with them?

Family Builders by Adoption (FBA) is a homosexual activist group. They promote the idea that there is no difference between homosexual and transgendered families and the natural family.

They hooked up with Catholic Charities because highly placed staff at Catholic Charities share that view. At the time the partnership between CCCYO & FBA was formed, the Director of Programs and Services at CCCYO, Dr. Glenn Motola, also served on the Board of Directors of FBA. (According to the Advocate article cited earlier, when Dr. Motola and his "partner" adopted, they chose a different adoption agency than CCCYO, so as to avoid a conflict of interest. Apparently, Motola felt no such qualms when it came to forming the CCCYO/FBA alliance.)

In the years 2003, 2004, 2005, & 2007 FBA was funded by the homosexual activist Horizons Foundation. The Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of CCCYO, Ms. Nanette Lee Miller, also sits on the Audit Committee of the Horizons Foundation. It is interesting that the one year Family Builders did not receive funding from Horizons was in 2006---exactly when they were forming the partnership with CCCYO.

Family Builders' Contract with the City & County of San Francisco. Family Builders is also "adoptionSF". "AdoptionSF" is a website that is the fruit of the contract between the City and County of San Francisco and FBA that went into effect on August 1, 2006. That contract specifically mandates that Family Builders must increase the number of children placed in LGBT households. The day after that contract went into effect, August 2, 2008, CCCYO issued a press release announcing it was now supplying staff/funding to FBA.

Those staff and that funding were therefore bound by the terms of FBA's existing contract with the City & County--that is, they were required to increase the number of adoptive children placed in LGBT households. These contracts and agreements can be found here

Who Are Family Builders?

What is the relationship between Catholic Charities CYO and Family Builders? (PDF: 1MB)

Family Builders Financial Support (PDF: 1MB)


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