Homosexual Activism in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.
Part III: Most Holy Reedemer

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Most Holy Redeemer

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Most Holy Redeemer Parish (MHR) is now, and has been for decades, an unapologetically “gay parish”

Most Holy Redeemer is not a Catholic church with gay members. It is a gay spiritual institution that is willing to use the trappings of Catholicism, including the sacraments, just as far as they can be made "inclusive" of the formative experience of the parish, which is homosexuality, and no farther. Here are some of the people who have made MHR what it is.

The atmosphere at MHR can corrupt good priests and laypeople. We are all sinners. We have no desire to attack any person, clerical or lay, for the sake of attacking, but if we are to show the harm caused by the embracing of homosexuality at MHR, we must tell the truth.

• MHR Clerical Staff:

Fr. Steve Meriwether, Pastor

Deacon Brian Bromberger

Bishop Randy Calvo

Fr. Donal Godfrey, SJ

Fr. Tom Hayes

Fr. Joseph Healy

Fr. Thuan Hoang

Fr. Anthony McGuire, Former Pastor

But it would incorrect to attribute the culture at MHR to a few clergy.

"The Gay and Lesbian outreach Committee-so unique, so bracing, so critically what the parish needed when it needed it-eventually withered away, a victim of its own success, when the entire parish had taken on the work it was formed to begin." -Godfrey, "Gays and Grays..." p29. As always, Fr. Godfrey's book is enlightening. From the context, we believe the transformation he describes occured in the mid 1980s.

"And according to (MHR Ex-Pastor Zachary) Shore, about 90 percent of his Catholic flock are gay or lesbian." - San Francisco Chronicle, November 26, 1998.

Once one accepts these facts, one understands why the following lay people are in positions of authority at MHR. They do indeed represent the community.

• MHR Lay Staff

Philip Carrizosa, Lector, Acolyte

Catherine Cunningham, Member, Pastoral Council; Acolyte; Lector

David Differding, Acolyte; Coordinator, Liturgy Planning Group (Caution: Adults Only)

Matt Dorsey, Member, Pastoral Council

"Lisa Rae" Dummer, Eucharistic Minister

Michael Fraker, Member, Pastoral Council

Nanette Lee Miller, Acolyte; Lector; Member, Liturgy Planning Group

Patrick Mulcahey, Eucharistic Minister; Past Vice-President, Pastoral Council

Michael Nava, Eucharistic Minister

Michael Vargas, Lector, and Martin Bednarek, Music Ministry

The Most Holy Redeemer Pastoral Council page has biographies of some of the other Pastoral Council members.

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